Annie at Tennessee Performing Arts Center

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Tennessee Performing Arts Center - Andrew Jackson Hall | Nashville, Tennessee


This true rags to riches narrative, Annie, the play will be coming to Tennessee Performing Arts Center on Saturday 30th March 2024 and you have to be there to experience. Get the feels big time as the magnificent cast dressed in the most pretty costumes take you through a journey love. This multi award-winning show has been entertaining everyone for a long time and rightly so, it has a really touching message that has captivated show goers and every time it comes around it sells out, but you can grab your tickets right here before it is too late.

Annie the production is about an extraordinary young girl’s journey to find family. Living in an orphanage, little Annie believes that her folks are still alive and that one day they will come back to find her. She encounters a very rich but likable Mr. Warbucks, who decides to adopt Annie. As the story untwists she convinces him to help her find them. He obliges and creates a massive reward. Sensing an opportunity, the dastardly duo made up of Miss Hannigan and Rooster attempt to make some cash out of this situation.

Annie is critically acclaimed, and here is what the critics have said about the musical. “It’s easy to sing ANNIE’s praises” – Boston Herald. “An infectiously bouncy and hopeful score...and just enough old-fashioned Broadway pzazz to spin stage magic” – New Orleans Times

This narrative gets even more magical as the fantastic cast wows show goers with an amazing performance including hit songs such as ‘It’s the Hard Knock Life’, ‘Easy Street’, ‘I Don’t Need Anything But You’ and ‘Tomorrow’. It teaches us that regardless of our situation, there is always hope and that is why everybody like it so much.

If you haven’t figured it out already, you should by now. This is going to be one of the best experiences on a stage ever, and you should grab your tickets right now before they are all sold out.

Annie at Tennessee Performing Arts Center - Andrew Jackson Hall

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