Girl From The North Country at Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Girl From The North Country Tickets

Tennessee Performing Arts Center - Andrew Jackson Hall | Nashville, Tennessee

Girl From The North Country

No musical fan will go home disappointed after seeing "Girl from the North Country," which possesses some of Broadway's most remarkable scores. Experience a great journey accompanied by some of the most gorgeous visuals in the history of musicals, all performed by a beautiful ensemble. Tennessee Performing Arts Center will host this incredible feat on Sunday 4th February 2024 but tickets are selling out quickly. There are only so many allotted, so if you know you want one, and you really do, you should get it now. Nothing will make you happier than witnessing the show.

With such an incredible story, this show is set to please even the most discerning of customers. You will honestly be blown away, as evidenced by all of its rave reviews. Tennessee Performing Arts Center is the best place to see it, so make sure you block out your calendar and you will be set for the best night ever.

In the winter of 1934, the Great Depression is still frothing in America. In a run-down board-house in Duluth, Minnesota, the effects are felt the most deeply. Owner Nick Laine fights to prevent the bank from seizing the property as his wife Elizabeth continues to struggle with dementia and occasionally shows signs of clarity. Although he has been having an affair with Mrs. Neilsen, one of the renters, is she really what he wants?

There are problems with Nick and Elizabeth's children as well. Gene has a history of alcoholism and no clear direction in life, and Marianne is unmarried and five months pregnant. Guests and various strange locals come and go, each with their own mysteries and backstories. Amidst the vivid music of Bob Dylan, their secrets—which range from imprisonment to blackmail to morphine addiction—are progressively revealed.

Girl From The North Country at Tennessee Performing Arts Center - Andrew Jackson Hall

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