M-town Funk & Blues Fest at Tennessee Performing Arts Center

M-town Funk & Blues Fest Tickets

Cannon Center For The Performing Arts | Memphis, Tennessee

M-town Funk & Blues Fest

It has been said that R&B lives with M-town Funk & Blues Fest, a incomparable singer that possesses a voice and stage presence that is unique. With talents like these, fans are in for a treat in Memphis, Tennessee on Saturday 25th November 2023 in 2023, audiences will be elated to experience this artist live for what will be THE epic night critics have been touting! This performer enters Memphis to belt out fan favorites that audiences will embrace. So, are you in?! This type of event is sure to sell out with the quickness! Get prepared for a majestic night of soul. Click the ‘get tickets’ button below to book tickets now!

When you love R&B in all its glory, attending a live concert is the cherry on top. M-town Funk & Blues Fest goes all out to attract concert goers in Memphis and Tennessee. To ensure full attendance, Cannon Center For The Performing Arts does several things. Firstly the organizers ensure the concert hall’s stage offers the performers more than enough space. Second, nothing is as bad as uncomfortable seats during an event. Cannon Center For The Performing Arts ensures all its fans feel comfortable by providing posh seats. What are you waiting for? Click on the button below marked ‘get seats’ and enjoy a memorable R&B evening.

M-town Funk & Blues Fest at Cannon Center For The Performing Arts

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