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Bartlett Performing Arts Center | Memphis, Tennessee

Peter Pan

Don't you think you should go see a great show this year? We all love a bit of theatre now and then! There is excitement in the air for spring, 2024 Fans are stoked! You heard it here first Peter Pan is on a massive tour of the US and you can rest easy once more! Fanatics from all over are coming down in March, and they're already snapping up all the seats! Remember this date: Friday 8th March 2024, the unforgettable Peter Pan, will be showing at the legendary Bartlett Performing Arts Center, Memphis, Tennessee, Its the place everyone and anyone knows is the favorite in town, state or country! Quickly grab your tickets because they are this is going to be another sell out tour! Scroll up and press the link to buy!

Are you looking for reasons to go to the theater this 2024? Let us give you one: togetherness. A performance can unite anywhere from tens to hundreds of people, experiencing and witnessing something that’s unique, touching, hillarious, and bringing escapism from the regular every-day life. With everyone so used to being in front of a screen, this is truly an important reason. Grab your family, and bring them to a different evening out this March, to help build the foundation for the future of theater, for future playwrights, directors, actors, and other creative professionals, so that humanity can continue the beautiful cycle of culture. The unique talent and passion of every single performer in this year's leading production Peter Pan, combined with the top notch professionalism of the staff at Bartlett Performing Arts Center will ensure you share a unique Friday night. Get your tickets now.

Peter Pan at Bartlett Performing Arts Center

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