Shenandoah at Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Shenandoah Tickets

Niswonger Performing Arts Center | Greeneville, Tennessee


Envision this: a Saturday night full of possibilities - the ideal night for something special. Hundreds of people, sharing one unreal moment: hearing the melody of everyone’s favorite hit live for the first time. You could be one of them. This is what you can witness this Saturday 14th October 2023 seeing Shenandoah LIVE for a show you will never forget. Niswonger Performing Arts Center is getting ready to present one of the most thrilling shows of 2023. Shenandoah will bring the finest sound and shake the whole of Greeneville for a night Tennessee will want to remember. All you need to do is get a ticket. Expect the unexpected because Shenandoah surely will deliver!

Country/folk music is a genre so many adore for it's effect on the listener, from the delicious melancholy ballads and the fantastic acoustic sounds down to the the excellence and purity in the singers voice, there is something for all. One of the an extremely popular acts in this genre right now is the amazing Shenandoah, touring the US for fall, 2023 and country/folk fans are really here for it! It's been named the best act in the genre of 2023, so they've got something right. This GREAT evening in October, will take place none other that the best music venue in the state, maybe in the whole of the US, it's famous! The amazing Niswonger Performing Arts Center, Greeneville, Tennessee, the ideal place to have a stress free time on Saturday 14th October 2023! If you want to to get in on the country/folk action, you need to purchase some tickets today, you can easily use this webpage to book simply, follow the 'get tickets' button on this page, now!

Shenandoah at Niswonger Performing Arts Center

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