A Christmas Carol at Tennessee Performing Arts Center

A Christmas Carol at Tennessee Performing Arts CenterEnjoy a thrilling and uplifting spectacle this holiday season featuring the heartwarming story titled A Christmas Carol! The spectacular production presented by Nashville Repertory Theatre will take over the Tennessee Performing Arts Center for several performances! Enjoy the classic story by Charles Dickens that has entertained millions of people across the world and across time! Follow the life of Ebenezer Scrooge as he gets visited by ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future! Can you imagine having to relive your best and worst moments? Well, this incredible story, through the brilliant artistic rendition of Micah-Shane Brewer, will be retold through a brilliant production with stunning set design, sets, and costumes. More importantly, the stellar cast will conquer the stage and demonstrate an exhilarating performance with each show! This is truly a story that is perfect for audiences of all ages! So hurry and secure tickets for you and the whole family!

A Christmas Carol Tickets:

A Christmas Carol tickets

Who wouldn’t love a great Christmas story? A Christmas Carol is a timeless tale that teaches the joy of the Christmas spirit. When a miserly and prosperous man has lost all his enthusiasm for the beloved holiday, he is visited by ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. The curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge goes on a wonderful journey that helps him find some transformation and redemption. Encountering these ghosts of Christmas has helped Scrooge rekindle his Christmas spirit and learn how genuine kindness and generosity will help turn his holiday into a fruitful and abundant season.

A Christmas Carol, presented by The Nashville Repertory Theatre, will pull out all the stops. Conquering the Tennesee Performing Arts Center from December 1 to 17th, 2023, the show will showcase breathtaking visuals courtesy of the production’s stunning set design and elaborate costumes. This show will transport audiences back in time all the way to Victorian England, where the beloved story took place. A Christmas Carol has been retold many times through books, musicals, plays, and movies. The rendition by Nashville Repertory Theatre will be led by artistic director Micah-Shane Brewer.

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A Christmas Carol, a classic novel by Charles Dickens, was first published in 1843. The story follows Ebenezer Scrooge, who dislikes the holiday season. He also turned away men who were looking for donations for people experiencing poverty. During the night, Scrooge was visited by Jacob Marley’s ghost, a business part who had died seven years before. He mentioned that he is wandering the earth with heavy chains and carrying heavy money boxes – a punishment for a lifetime of greed and selfishness. Marley said that Scrooge would be visited by three spirits – all representing his past, present, and future. To avoid the same fate as Marley, Scrooge must listen to these ghosts.

Dickens wrote the story during the Victorian era when Christmas celebrations had become popular. The revival of Christmas carols also took place during the era. Hence, this served as an inspiration for the novel. By 1853, the novel was featured in numerous public readings. In 1901, the first film adaptation was released. The legacy of A Christmas Carol lives on even during modern times because the lessons that the story teaches will always be relevant and valuable for anyone and everyone who needs a little more kindness in their lives. That’s why the Nashville Repertory Theatre has chosen this beloved spectacle as part of their holiday season. In the repertory’s study guide, Director Brewer shared, “The tale of Ebenezer Scrooge would become one of the most popular stories ever told. Since 1843, the short novel has never gone out of print.” He adds, “A Christmas Carol is far more than just a classic holiday story; it is a poignant and transformative reflection of our shared human experience and an enduring reminder of the power of empathy and connection. It asks all of us to examine our past decisions, our present opportunities, and our potential future.”

Meanwhile, esteemed scenic designer Gary Hoff shared his excitement for the Christmas play. “We were tasked with creating a full-scale, richly detailed, sumptuous design. Also, four actors are flying!” He also described some great things for audiences to expect. “What you will see when the curtain goes up is a complete London Street scene. A large front portal framing the stage, and detailed buildings flanking each side of the stage. The backdrop will be a project street scene created by our Projection Designer, DJ Pike.” 

Micah-Shane Brewer’s rendition of A Christmas Carol features an outstanding cast comprising Matthew Carlton as Ebenezer Scrooge, Brian Webb Russell as Jacob Marley, Kris Sidberry as Christmas Past, Brian Charles Rooney as Christmas Present, and Ben Friesen as Dick Wilkins & Christmas Future. All in all, the cast is composed of over 20 actors. 

The brilliant costumes are spearheaded by Melissa Durmon. For the elaborate fashion, audiences can look forward to classic Victorian-era looks, which include men’s top hats, tailcoats, and cravats. Meanwhile, women will be adorned with long dresses, tail coats, and corsets.

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Past performances of Nashville Repertory Theatre’s A Christmas Carol have garnered rave reviews from fans and critics. “Gary Hoff’s scenic design is, as always, lovely to look at and very versatile.  The faux stonework evokes some mythic medieval, vaguely Celtic nature that feels almost elemental to this early Victorian Englishness.  (Even if Big Ben’s clockface wasn’t completed until 1859, it makes a perfectly identifiable piece of the stage floor,” mentioned writer William Shutes from Outvoices.

In 2019, the repertory’s production of A Christmas Carol featured only five actors playing multiple characters. But this didn’t stop the play from providing a plethora of personalities and looks. “Nashville Repertory Theatre’s production of Patrick Barlow’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ adaptation is the maximum of minimalism – maximum holiday pleasure from the clear theatrical crucible of a minimalist focus. And the delight of watching five terrific actors caper through this modern version of a classic tale is no humbug,” mentioned Evans Donnel from Stagecritic.com

“Perhaps ‘A Christmas Carol’ will also become a beloved tradition for Nashville Repertory Theatre. This seasonal light deserves to shine for a long, long time.” – Stagecritic.com

“Gary Hoff’s scenic design is, as always, lovely to look at and very versatile.” – Invoices

“Matthew Carlton’s Unique Portrayal of the Iconic Ebenezer Scrooge Provides the Key to the Ideal Holiday Offering” – Broadway World.

This December, A Christmas Carol will make the Tennesee Performing Arts Center its home for several performances. The 1,980-capacity theater has the archetype of modern architecture and is equipped with all the facilities to host a brilliant production. The venue’s state-of-the-art lights and sound, fantastic acoustics, plush seating, and excellent facilities ensure that audiences will have the ultimate entertainment experience! 

Bear witness to Ebenezer Scrooge’s remarkable journey as the Ghosts of Christmas helps him find the true meaning of the holidays! Catch A Christmas Carol at the Tennesee Performing Arts Center now by clicking on the Get Tickets link!