For the best experience in enjoying your time at TPAC, please be aware of the following rules and best practices.

Limited View Seating Policy

Some of the tickets sold through TPAC are labeled as limited view seating. These seats are in spots where you won’t have a complete view of the stage and events. Many fans do not see a problem with limited view seating since they include blocked view as small as a tiny corner of the stage. You are encouraged to call TPAC at 615-782-4040 if you want more information on limited view seating.

Late Seating Policy

Late seating policies are at the discretion of the production company and can vary from show to show. Some production companies require late arrivals to “hold” outside the theater until an appropriate time in the performance. TPAC encourage all patrons to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled performance to avoid frustrations.

Dress Code Policy

TPAC events do not have specific dress codes. Please wear what you find comfortable.

Food and Alcohol Policy

Though TPAC does not allow outside food and drink, it does offer beverages, snacks, and specialty items before performances and during intermissions. Concessions are sold at Center Landing Café between Jackson Hall and Polk Theater. Each theater also has bars in the lobby. Most performances do sell wine, beer, and mixed drinks as well.

TPAC follows many NYC Broadway theaters in allowing food and drinks purchased in the lobby into the theater. This policy applies to most shows presented by TPAC but may vary depending on the production company’s policy. All performances by Nashville Ballet, Nashville Opera, and Nashville Repertory Theater allow drinks without ice and prohibit food in the theater.

Smoking and Tobacco Policy

TPAC theaters and War Memorial Auditorium do not allow smoking or tobacco products. This policy includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, and vaporizers. Each theater offers designated smoking areas located outside of each building.

Recording Device and Camera Policy

Due to contracts with performing artists and organizations, the use of cameras and recording devices are strictly prohibited

Prohibited Items Policy

TPAC does not allow guests to use the following items during performances.

Oversized bags and backpacks

Outside food or drink

Drugs, smoking, or use of vaporizers or e-cigs

Selfie sticks


Face paint and face masks

Laptops and iPads

Musical instruments

Audio recording devices or professional photography equipment (cameras with detachable lenses).

Laser pens

Certain shows include additional items, these items will be posted on a sign outside of the venue entrance.

Lost and Found Policy

If you have lost an item during your visit to TPAC, you should call 615-782-4098 and leave your name, telephone number, and a detailed message that includes a description of your item. Your message should also include when you lost it and what performance you were attending. TPAC staff will look for your item and will get back to you as soon as possible.