Blue Man Group at Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Blue Man Group Tickets

Tennessee Performing Arts Center | Nashville, Tennessee

The lights go out. You and hundreds of others are holding your breath impatiently. Your heart is going to explode, you can feel your smile as wide as ever. BAM! The lights are on, your eyes wide open as if they’re drinking the moment, your hands up in the air as if reaching for the stage. In this fraction of a moment nothing else exists – just you and the emotion. This is what you will experience on Tuesday 11th February 2020 seeing the ONE AND ONLY Blue Man Group live at Tennessee Performing Arts Center. It is not just about the show. It is about the emotion. And Blue Man Group sure know how to deliver! Gift yourself a night that will make your heart beat faster. Those are the moments we live for.

Blue Man Group at Tennessee Performing Arts Center

The best performances in Tennessee always end up on the Tennessee Performing Arts Center stage and that’s because this Nashville venue offers some of the best features that fans and performers love. From a welcoming and classy atmosphere that is unrivalled, and some of the finest lighting and sound design in the industry, it is no exaggeration that when you chose Tennessee Performing Arts Center you will be in for an unique experience. Your ticket to see Blue Man Group on Tuesday 11th February 2020 doesn’t just buy you access to an stunning show, it also provides you with some of the premier dining just around the corner from five-star restaurants as well as refreshing drinks from the renowned bartending staff that Tennessee Performing Arts Center has recruited to offer you top shelf experience. If you're in search of an unparalleled way to spend your Tuesday evening on Tuesday 11th February 2020, Tennessee Performing Arts Center welcome you for a night of phenomenal food, high-quality, and the exhilarating Blue Man Group. To order your ticket before seats run out, click the Buy Tickets button below.

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