Collage Dance Collective at Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Collage Dance Collective Tickets

Cannon Center For The Performing Arts | Memphis, Tennessee

Collage Dance Collective

Memphis, Tennessee is proud to host Collage Dance Collective for their Saturday 20th April 2024 performance. This record-setting show has finally come back to one of the ultimate cities around and you can only catch this one-off performance at the Cannon Center For The Performing Arts. If you love this genre, then you don’t want to miss out on what will surely be an evening of high-quality performance work and incredible production. This breathtaking performance combines rich musical and dance traditions to create what critics are already calling a contender for the ultimate recital of 2024. You won’t get another opportunity to see this breathtaking event this April. So clear your calendars and make sure your Saturday evening is free so you can treat yourself to this unforgettable performance. To get your seats now, click that Buy Tickets button below!

Okay Ladies and Gentlemen, here we are with the dance event of 2024, coming to you, live and in person in the great state of Tennessee on the Saturday 20th April 2024, Cannon Center For The Performing Arts in Memphis steps up to offer you the city’s only live, in-person event of Collage Dance Collective! This is a show of drive, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, a performance that is the hidden language of the soul. Dancing breaks beyond the mind's control setting you free to be agile, powerful, irrepressible and unrestrained. Get your tickets now to Cannon Center For The Performing Arts the only place in Memphis to bring you Collage Dance Collective and get your dance fix for the Saturday 20th April 2024! So, what are you waiting for? You will never get a better chance to catch the unbelievable Collage Dance Collective, tickets are on sale right now but with this being such a popular show at the outstanding Cannon Center For The Performing Arts these tickets are selling out fast, press that buy button above right now for an unbelievable night out in Memphis for the dance performance of the year.

Collage Dance Collective at Cannon Center For The Performing Arts

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