Piff The Magic Dragon at Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Piff The Magic Dragon Tickets

Tennessee Performing Arts Center | Nashville, Tennessee

Everyone knows it’s nice to get together with your closest friends and family. But how many of those times do you actually have a lasting memory? MAKE THE NEXT ONE UNFORGETTABLE. Get together and come down to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center on Friday 31st January 2020 to see one of the most unreal events Tennessee has ever seen. Come and join in with the spine-tingling action and witness one of the leading events of the year. Create some memories that will last a life-time, in a setting where memories are supposed to be made, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. Start your preparation, get the date saved, and buy your tickets NOW for a night of unmissable intensity!

Piff The Magic Dragon at Tennessee Performing Arts Center

The time has finally come for us to announce the most exciting thing that is happening this 2020… well, for crazy fans of live shows anyway! You better be sitting down for this. Piff The Magic Dragon is coming to Nashville! I know, I couldn’t believe it either! Tickets are already on sale, and running out fast! And to no surprise, anyone who has ever seen Piff The Magic Dragon live knows that this is indeed THE event of the year. Their unique skill is soul-shaking, and you are in for a legendary ride! Tennessee Performing Arts Center is going a long way to make sure Piff The Magic Dragon have everything they need to shake Tennessee. So, don’t wait up, cross off Friday 31st January 2020 of your calendar, and start counting the days down to the most exclusive experience ahead of you!

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